Who is the
pathway for

This pathway is for stressed business Dads, passionate about driving their business forward while also being the best Dad they can be.

One Dad who I coach, said - 

"There is never enough time in the day and I struggle to be present as a dad."  

If you don't have time to commit to pathway, then the pathway is for you!!!!

How is the pathway structured

The pathway lasts ten weeks and is a mix of online study, resources, live coaching and an accountability tribe.

After each coaching session, you will be given action points to go and create change.

The Pathway will challenge, encourage, and ultimately lead to you to a successful outcome.

Everyone on the pathway will be encouraged to share their experience and reflect on their progress.

When does the pathway start

Our next intake starts on -

Monday 12th Feb 2024, and lasts ten weeks.

The ten weeks is built around.

5 x 45-mins Group Sessions

5 x 45-mins 1:2:1 Sessions

There is only space for ten Business Dads allowed on a pathway.

Programme Outline

week 1

Starting Point: Understanding Pillars
Your pillars are the things that makeup you; you need to understand what they are and why they are part of you.

Week 2

Vision, Values and Purpose
With a clear vision, you can make decisions in line with where you want to go. With understanding your values, there will be more energy in what you do, and finally, starting to think about your purpose and what you want to be known for.

You will leave this session with a clear action plan to develop clarity in you vision, understand your values and have a great sense of purpose.

Week 3

Decision Making
How many decisions do you make on a day-to-day basis? The pathway helps business dads create effective decisions aligned with your visions, values and purpose.

Don't think you have time to commit to the pathway, then you need to commit to the pathway. Improved decision-making savings time, energy and increase growth in you business.

Week 4

Transformational Leadership
Using transformational leadership models, we can become better dads and business dads enabling our children to be the best they can be.

Week 5

Performance Habits
Habits create routines, routines create consistency, and consistency creates performance. Imagine being able to develop habits that drive your performance forward as a leaders in business and at home.

Week 6

Energy Management
We don't need more time. We need more energy. Picture coming home from the business with massive amounts of energy that rubs off on your children. 

Week 7

Stress Tolerance
Everyone is under stress, but stress is a good thing. We need to be about to tolerate it. The pathway identifies an individual's ways to develop stress tolerance. Having this tolerance will enable us not to take stress out on our loved ones when we are at home.

Week 8

Sleep and Recovery
Sleep is king when it comes to thriving as a business dad. Getting enough sleep is a challenge. However, the pathway helps you create systems to get the best night's sleep possible. Allowing you to have great relationships with your children and those around you.  

Week 9

Performance Environment
Your environment is everything when it comes to performance. Learn how to build an amazing environment, for you, your family and your business.

Remember you can influence your environment.

Week 10

Review and Plan
Review and re-plan. This is part of the process. What went well, what did not, and what do we need to improve? Simple but powerful questions. We will look back over the last ten weeks to plan for more success as a business dad. 

The pathway is NOT for everyone.

You need to be willing to do the work – the business dads pathway and peer group can only take you so far.

The question is, are you willing to do the work outside the business dads pathway?

The business dads pathway is the starting point to change; it is not the answer to your problems.

We are all individuals; the business dads pathway is designed to give you the tools and allow you to ask the right questions.

I was struggling to maintain focus and found myself stuck in a cycle of procrastination and doubt in my day-to-day professional life, which often overspilled into family life too. I felt that often I was simply not present either at work or at home. Working with Lee has given me the tools to think with clarity and create a process-based decision-making strategy. The results have bought tremendous productivity in my work life and full, rewarding engagement with my family.
CEO Tech Company

Frequently asked questions

How long does the business dad pathway take to complete?
The course is 10 weeks long; however, once completed, you can access the resources forever.
How long do the sessions last?
Each group and 1:2:1 session will last 45 minutes in total.
What is the cost to enroll?
The cost of the pathway is £1595.
Is there a guarantee?
I offer the following guarantee:

If you are not 100% happy with the coaching, your full payment is refunded with 30 days of the coaching starting.
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